8 Insider Secrets to Booking Cheap Airfare

Travel plans are calling for more 6800790812_ef8a4f9376belt-tightening than usual these days, making budget vacations extremely desirable. But such trips aren’t possible if you pay too much for airfare. And unless you know where to look, finding affordable flights can be a huge hassle. “For the airlines, it’s about getting you to pay the most you’re willing to pay, which is the opposite of what the consumer wants,” says Joe Brancatelli, publisher of the travel website JoeSentMe.com.

With summer right around the corner, I spoke to Brancatelli and other travel industry experts about the best ways to stretch your travel budget for a story for U.S. News & World Report. Click here to read the eight insider secrets to booking cheap airfare.

Photo courtesy of oatsy40 via Flickr.

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