Cures for Pre-Retirement Anxiety

While some think retirement will be a Seniors_AnxiousPensioner_452x339_170512dream come true, many baby boomers who are almost there don’t feel the same.

According to a recent AARP survey, approximately 72 percent of not-retired baby boomers expect to be forced to delay retirement due to a financial roadblock—and half have little confidence they will ever be able to retire. Retirement worries are also echoed among the upper class. Only 46 percent of not-yet-retired boomers with investable assets of $100,000 or more feel confident they’ll be able to afford basic living expenses in retirement, according to a recent survey by Ameriprise Financial, a wealth-advisory firm.

“It can be difficult for individuals to envision a future that is undefined,” says Suzanna M. de Baca, Ameriprise’s vice president of wealth strategies. De Baca describes the average pre-retiree as a “deer in the headlights” when they try to picture their financial stability in the years ahead. However, de Baca says worries about funding retirement make up only a fraction of the anxiety most people nearing retirement experience.

Whether they’re worried about losing their yacht or paying next month’s rent, retirement can prove challenging for any demographic. “A lot of people see the future as full of problems as opposed to possibilities,” says Nancy K. Schlossberg, author of “Revitalizing Retirement: Reshaping Your Identity, Relationships, and Purpose.” Schlossberg says a pre-retiree’s trepidation typically derives from elements they think are outside their control: What will I do with my time? Who am I now that I’m no longer a lawyer (or an accountant or a teacher)? Am I going to fade into oblivion?

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