How to Shop for Furniture

If you’re considering investing in new furniture, you’re far from alone. A third of Consumer Reports members have purchased new furniture in the past two years, according to a new CR survey about the nation’s best furniture retailers.

But the survey, which collected responses in April 2020, doesn’t fully reflect how the coronavirus crisis has affected the furniture industry and furniture shoppers. Today, in addition to considering whether shopping online or in a store will be more effective, health concerns come into play. Being in a closed environment with shared air, settling into a sofa dozens of others have sat on, or touching the finish on a table that many other fingers have trailed across could come with a risk of virus exposure. 

If you decide to shop in person, call ahead to find out when the store is least likely to be crowded, or try to make an appointment. Ask about the store’s mask policy. Head out armed with your own mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer and—whether you opt for a walk-in store or a website—maximize your chances of a positive shopping experience by picking one of the retailers that earned top scores in CR’s new ratings. 

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Beautiful Ceiling Paint Colors That Will Make Any Room Look Bigger

High ceilings may be little more than a pipe dream for many of us, but with the right ceiling paint color and some pro-approved design tricks, you can fool the eye into thinking any room is bigger than its dimensions. Homebuilders today often construct new homes with 9-, 10-, or even 20-foot ceilings, but many older homes were built with lower ceilings. Living in an older home doesn’t necessitate suffering a low, dark ceiling, though—a smart ceiling paint color can help the fifth wall feel lighter and brighter, creating the illusion of a larger living space without breaking the bank.

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