Is there a place for HGTV Magazine?

Despite the unstable economy, Hearst and HGTV have partnered to launch a new magazine next month. The appropriately named HGTV Magazine is one of the only major consumer magazines brought to market in the last few years, according to The New York Times. It’s also the first launch since 2008 from one of the country’s top three magazine publishers. (The other two, Time Inc. and Condé Nast, have remained more timid during the recession.) Past partnerships between Hearst and other networks for new magazines, including the successful Food Network Magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine, bode well. The company seems to have a formula for translating the popularity of a television brand to a print product. But will the same hold true with the economy still sputtering? I think if the magazine can carve out a significant portion of readers who are looking for tips on more budget-friendly home and garden touches, it will find a place on the newsstand. There appears to be less competition in that area. Unfortunately, Budget Living‘s demise in 2006 hints at trouble for a magazine’s ability to navigate that market.

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