Cover of the Week: 09.30.11

Even though I’ve only lived in New York since June, I learned quickly where the tourist traps are and how important it is to steer clear of them. Aside from the sheer amusement that comes from seeing the kinds of people that Times Square draws, I avoid it like the plague. Everyone’s too busy gawking at the double arched “M,” as if they’ve never seen a McDonald’s before, or sizing up the Naked Cowboy to actually look where they’re walking. The New Yorkers are easy to spot, since they’re the only ones not walking in zig-zags. That’s why the latest New Yorker cover thoughtfully captures the problem by showing how Times Square should be — with a designated lane for tourists. The only thing that’s missing is a moving walkway for the non-tourists, given the rush New Yorkers are in (especially to get out of Times Square).

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