Best Jobs in America: Capsule Profiles

Money magazine’s November issue features
its annual “Best Jobs” package, and with it a section of exclusive online content. ‘I have the best job in America’ profiles 11 people lucky enough to have switched into careers that rate high in satisfaction on Money’s list. I profiled six of them, interviewing people like Brett Pangburn, who left his job as a lawyer to become a teacher at a Boston charter school, and Kimberly Resnick, who worked for years as a paralegal before making the jump to personal training. These people are passionate about their jobs, which is so important, especially in a shaky economy. Read more about why they made a career switch, how they did it, and why they love it here.

Top Chef Takes 24-page bite of Food & Wine

Taking cues from other food magazines like Every Day With Rachael Ray and Food Network Magazine, Food & Wine will feature a 24-page advertorial called Top Chef Magazine in its January issue. The magazine has been a longtime sponsor of the show, often participating in prizes for competitions, including an editorial feature and an appearance at its annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen for each season’s big winner. The articles are being written with Bravo’s approval and will focus primarily on the show’s contestants, who are competing in season 9 in Texas. Depending on how well it’s received, the special section could turn into its own stand-alone product, says publisher Christina Grdovic. So long as the magazine gives us a taste of some of our all-time favorite contestants, like the irritating-but-amusing-to-watch Marcel Vigneron and Carla “hootie hoo!” Hall, I’ll be reading. I’m admittedly a big Top Chef fan, so I’ll probably be reading regardless.