Can you spot these signs that your boss is lying?

Reality check: People lie. That includes bosses. Maybe they lie because they don’t want to disappoint you (“No, you can’t take Monday off”) or don’t have an answer (“I have no idea if anyone is getting raises this year”), but it doesn’t make their lies any less annoying.

Now, here’s the good news: You can learn how to tell if someone is lying to you—and you don’t need to administer a polygraph test.

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Are you being taken advantage of at work?

Nothing makes a job miserable faster AAEAAQAAAAAAAAX5AAAAJDliZGM5Mzk5LTAwNmQtNGEwZS04ZDE3LWFhMjBkMTNhNGU2MQthan a bad boss—particularly the kind who has no qualms taking advantage of someone. Sure, sometimes you’re going to be asked to go above and beyond your duties, and you’ll have to comply because that’s just part of being a team player.

But feeling unappreciated or like you’re constantly being taken advantage of is absolutely not in anyone’s job description. Cue the stress headaches.

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