7 Perfect Little Travel Accessories

Good vacations take time, particularly with the planning
stage. Nothing’s worse than arriving at your destination, only to remember that you’ve left some necessity — phone charger? favorite sunglasses? — behind.

For a story for The Huffington Post, I did product research on a number of travel items and settled on seven — including the thermal mug pictured here — that I thought were particularly useful. Be sure to pack what you need from the list of these perfect little travel accessories (yes, all budget-friendly!) and your next trip will run a whole lot smoother.

The Huffington Post: Who Makes The Best And Worst Airplane Food?

When you’re cruising at 600 miles an hour, gazing at the beautiful, puffy white clouds outside your window, the dining options don’t always match the view. Flying at a high altitude is one thing, but eating an in-flight meal that’s of equally high quality? That’s hard to find.

For a story for The Huffington Post’s travel vertical, I made the search for fine airline dining a little easier by rounding up airlines with some of the best — and worst — food. Come onboard and take a look through the slideshow of airlines, each judged on a scale of 1 (stick to the complimentary peanuts) to 5 (worthy of first class).