Putting a Face to Your Startup’s Website

What better place to connect online AboutUswith customers, investors, media, job seekers and the like than through your business’s “about us” section?

While naturally, plugs for products or services are best kept separate from this precious piece of real estate, the opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level is yours for the taking. Still, many young entrepreneurs struggle to utilize the space to its full potential.

So, what’s the best way to show who you are, where you started, where you’re going and what makes your company tick? Click here for tips on personalizing your “about us” page to help your company stand out from the crowd:

How to Tweet With Purpose

Looking to tweet your way into TwitterBusinessthe hearts and minds of consumers? Consider taking them to dinner first.

Around 22 percent of Twitter users have purchased a product or service after tweeting, retweeting, or favoriting it on Twitter, according to a recent study by Vision Critical, an international online market research firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. So naturally, you’re thinking: More followers breed more sales, right? Not exactly.

Simply collecting followers doesn’t guarantee financial gains. To use the network to drive traffic to your website and generate sales, you must first build a relationship with your followers. “On Twitter, the relationships, conversations and engagements you make are what determine your success,” says Jure Klepic, a business-marketing consultant who specializes in social media based in New York City.

While familiarity with social networks gives young entrepreneurs an advantage, there’s an art to using Twitter for business. Click here for pointers on how to build your company’s image on Twitter, cull valuable followers and engage prospective customers:

Money: How to Find the Best Name for Your Biz

The right brand can help make your business. And with some 177,700 trademarks registered last year alone, it’s harder now than ever to come with a great business name. For a story for Money magazine (see page 2), I researched several tricks to coming up with a money-making moniker. These include first figuring out what you want the name to do for you—to convey a certain emotion? to highlight your competitive advantage?—before starting the naming phase, and adding to the beginning or end of a word (as travel site Expedia or GPS system OnStar did). Read about these tips and more in the January/February issue of Money.